Traceyism (trā-sē'-ĭz-əm)

Tracey's unintentional, spontaneous, yet ingenious, combination of two barely related aphorisms to form a new one that combines the meaning of both (see examples below).

  1. When Tracey both "jimmies" something and "jury rigs" it.
  2. jimmy rigged

  3. When Tracey beats you so bad she both "cleaned your clock" and "kicked your butt" she:
  4. cleaned your butt

  5. When Tracey both puts it "in your face!" and shoves it "down your throat!".
  6. In your throat!

  7. When Tracey wishes to express her ennui, itís not "same stuff, different day" (she would never use the word "shit") nor "another day, another dollar".
  8. same day, different dollar

  9. When Tracey has to "get by" or "make due" she manages to:
  10. make by

  11. When Tracey wants to tell her sister to "chill out" or "calm your ass down" she tells her to:
  12. Chill your ass down

  13. When Tracey is performing well, she's not just "cooking with gas" or "kicking butt" she's:
  14. Cooking butt!
    (She sure has a lot of odd ideas regarding use of the butt)

  15. When Tracey wants to stop something, she doesn't just "have the kibash put on it" or "have it quashed" she has it:
  16. kibashed

  17. When someone butts into Tracey's business they aren't a "busy body" or "nosey" they are a:
  18. nose body

  19. Tracey isn't too upset if someone tries to "trick" her or "pull a fast one" but she really hates it when they try to
  20. pull a fast trick

  21. When Tracey is competing at something she hates getting "licked" she also hates getting " her ass kicked" but she really hates getting
  22. her ass licked

  23. When Tracey sees something askew, it's not "cock-eyed"or "crooked", it's
  24. crook-eyed

  25. When Tracey wants you to "wake up and smell the coffee" but not so fast that you don't have time to "stop and smell the roses", she wants you to
  26. wake up and smell the roses

  27. When Tracey wants to get something done she doesn't "give her best effort" or "use her influence", but she does
  28. use her best effort

This list will grow as time passes.