Within every home there lies a story... and mine begins with a young girl who, when asked, "What would you like for Christmas?" responded with, "I want a dollhouse!" but somehow this child's wish would never come true.  When I asked this same young girl, now in her adult years, "What would you like for Christmas this year?"  Her surprising response was, "I've always wanted a dollhouse but for some reason, I've never gotten one."  The seed was planted....

It has taken me a few years to actually come through but with the help of a very special little elf who said, "Stop talking about it - just do it!"  I did consider purchasing the dollhouse but I really wanted to try to do it myself.  So, I bought a dollhouse magazine and started looking for dollhouse stores in the area and much to my surprise within a visit or two, I was hooked!  Oh, the possibilities....   Another seed was planted.

Now, several years late, Santa has a special delivery to make.  Christmas is coming a little early this year for this now grown woman who is, in my opinion, the best Mom in the entire universe.  Its about time I gave her a little something for all the years she has given me.  I'm just sorry that it took me so long.  I have to give credit where credit is due and that is to my special elf, Jeff, without whose encouragement and motivation (not to mention his numerous contributions to the dollhouse) this project. which was filled with all good intentions, might not have been completed.  Thank you honey.

Within these pages is my scrapbook into the world of miniatures which was seeded by the desire to grant a child's long unanswered wish but with those seeds a tree has been planted.  I cannot wait to begin my next one..... but this delivery is overdue, I must gather the reindeer and begin my journey.  Thank you for listening to my story and sharing this moment with my mother and me.